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Nadia Sawalha: How I Find Balance On Holiday

If you’ve been eating well all year, the last thing you want to do is ruin your efforts with a big blowout on holiday – but that doesn’t mean scrimping on salads the whole time you’re away. Our TV mum tells us how to find balance abroad…

I’m heading off to Spain with the whole family in a couple of days, including my mum and dad and my mother-in-law! It will be brilliant, as we all get on like a house on fire! But there will be challenges around what we eat and drink as, if I’m honest, we all lean towards full on hedonism!

My parents are inclined to start with a bakery breakfast, with lashings of butter and jam. Then, the gin and tonics usually make their first appearance by the pool at around 11am, followed by a long lunch with chilled bottles of rosé, then it’s fried calamari and paella, rounded off with big, fat ice creams! Aghhhh, see what I mean – challenging!

But I have a plan and it’s not to abstain completely, because quite frankly, that would be a bore. I love a bit of continental bakery action, so two breakfasts out of seven I shall indulge and the rest of the week I will have the gorgeous fruit on offer, with some natural yoghurt. Yes, I love the fried fish, but I also love grilled sea food and chicken, so again, everything in moderation will be my philosophy on this trip.

Another thing my fella and I will be doing is our HIIT workouts, as they’re ferocious calorie burners! Oh, and lots of swimming and walking in-between meals, too! There we go, moderation strikes again and I’ve finally learnt that lesson – it’s only taken a lifetime!

My buffet tips

I always start with a huge plate of salad (and, if I’m in Spain, a bowl of gazpacho) at the buffet bar, so I’m half-full before I start on the meat and carbs! Then, when I do hit the protein and carbs I don’t return for second helpings. This means I can have coffee and a little dessert, later. I am on holiday after all!

My booze advice

It’s really easy to sink a couple of glasses of wine over lunch on holiday and, don’t get me wrong, I most certainly will, but only once or twice. The rest of the holiday I will be sticking to spirits with soda water, fresh limes and a splash of fruit juice – that way I’m still able to enjoy the odd tipple, but there’s less sugar involved.

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