Your 5-Minute Stair Workout

    • Toe taps

      1. Begin standing at the bottom of the stairs with the ball of your right foot on the first step. Jump up and change foot position to land with the ball of your left foot on the first step.
      2. Continue jumping and alternating foot position to complete 10 reps. Repeat once more, this time placing your front foot on the second step.
      3. Repeat these both once more, to complete 40 reps in total.

    • Stair jumps

      1. Begin with your feet together then jump up onto the first step, landing with feet apart, your back straight and hips and knees bent.
      2. Jump onto the second step immediately, landing with feet together once more.
      3. Continue as far as you feel comfortable, ideally to the top of the stairs. Walk down and repeat.

Kristoph Thompson