Why You Should Plan An Active Date Night

Date night

So date-night is approaching, your heart begins to pound and perspiration makes an unwelcome experience. Sounds more like a workout than a date right? Well, what if we said that’s precisely the idea?

It may come as a shock to find that many of us Brits are opting out of the usual drinks and trips to the cinema, for a healthier approach. We’re switching those cocktail dresses for workout gear and our glasses of wine for sips of water in-between shaky breaths after a run.

Fit for love

A survey conducted by (Decathlon) – one of the largest sporting goods retailer in the world – found that out of 7,600 UK adults, 35 percent describe their ideal date as involving some type of outdoors activity. These activities include exercises, such as hiking, trekking, cycling and running.

A massive 65 percent of the survey participants revealed that they would be open to a date that involved a type of sport or exercise. With 20 percent of respondents saying that they would prefer more active dates as they felt it would help them not only relax but break the ice, studies show there are more benefits to physical activity than just physical wellbeing. Nothing quite like seeing your date shaking their behind to a bit of Zumba to get the ball rolling is there?

Brit’s decision to opt-out of drinking on dates complements recent research conducted by University College London. The research shows the number of young adults, not drinking has increased from 18 percent to 29 percent in a single decade.

Joshua Gutteridge, team sports manager at Decathlon commented: “Dating should be fun, and it doesn’t have to involve activities like drinking alcohol if that’s not your thing. Exercise is a great alternative to going for food or having drinks. Physical exercise releases endorphins, which helps us feel relaxed and increase self-esteem.”

Studies conducted by have shown that the release of endorphins during group exercises is far greater than solo sessions. So, next time you plan that cinema outing, try opting for a walk in the park instead of on your next date.

Better together

Here are some of our date-night suggestions for you to try on your next date

  • Yoga – As shown in a previous trend on the video-sharing platform¬†Youtube, couples yoga can be a great way to bond with your partner. You can sign up for group classes, or get a personal yoga teacher, with hundreds of poses that can be done from the comfort of your own homes
  • Dance – From ballroom to Zumba, dancing will allow you to let loose, and enjoy some laughter and bond with your date. It’s also a great way to see how you could potentially move forward after seeing one another’s moves on the floor.¬†
  • Running – Increase that heartbeat and get your body working hard. A gentle jog will allow you to still take in the scenery and have a gentle conversation – a win-win situation.


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