Try Carly Rowena’s new pocket-sized workouts

Health and fitness blogger, Carly Rowena has released her brand new pocket-sized workouts, designed for people on the go. Following her recently self-published book Get Gorgeous Guide, Carly has launched her workout cards that contain all of her favourite exercise moves to help you burn fat and improve your fitness levels. Choose from three different packs: home workout, equipment or pregnancy. Each workout pack contains 46 individual exercises, including upper, legs, abs, and cardio.

Home workout pack (no equipment required)

The Home Workout pack is perfect for those always on the go who would prefer to workout from the comfort of their home and need a helping hand.

Equipment pack

If you’re a member of a gym or have invested in workout equipment at home, the equipment workout pack is a great way to mix up your usual routine. By adding a little resistance and weight, push your workouts to the max and increase your results with these cards.

Pregnancy pack

New to motherhood, Carly found during her pregnancy that there was a serious lack of information on how to safely exercise through the trimesters. This led her to create the pregnancy pack, which help mums-to-be stay on top of their fitness levels, boost endorphins and balance their mental wellbeing.

Personal trainer, Carly Rowena, said: “The idea behind the cards came from years of telling clients to write down the exercises we’d done during our PT sessions. I get how hard it is juggling a busy life and still trying to find time to squeeze in exercise, so I really wanted to make something that works around you. “There’s a whole variety of different exercises and workouts in each pack including some of my favourites. I’m hoping that by using these little guides will help people find it that little bit easier to maintain a balanced lifestyle!”

The workout cards are a fun, practical and playful way to exercise, at home or on the go!