‘This Girl Can’ Campaign In Latest Phase

Shutterstock © Woman doing bicep curl

New research released by Sport England reveals that six in ten (61 percent) mums would feel guilty taking time to exercise, rather than spending time with their family. However, mothers who are active shouldn’t worry as they can play a key role in encouraging children to develop healthy attitudes towards physical activity.

The results of the new survey of over 1,000 mothers of children aged 0-6-years-old, marks the latest phase of the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign to encourage women to engage in physical activity regardless of shape, size, age or ability.

When asked to name their top priorities outside of work, mothers were most likely to prioritise tasks revolving around family such as spending time with them (56 percent), housework (53 percent), or cooking (28 percent).  The research highlighted that mothers were keen to set a good example for their children. However, the realities of juggling work and family life meant that physical activity was near the bottom of their list, with only one in five (17 percent) mothers prioritising their own exercise.

Whilst over three quarters of mums (77 percent) want to do more exercise, lack of time was cited as the top reason why mothers are not more physically active, with almost a third (30 percent) reporting having less than an hour of free time to themselves a day. A further fifth (21 percent) of mums who would like to be more active said the cost of keeping fit was a key inhibitor to staying active.