House Work: These Jobs Burn The Most Calories

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With many of us resorting to doing projects around the house to make evenings and weekends seem a bit more exciting, you may be interested to know that certain chores can actually burn some serious calories.

While home workouts are great for building strength and can work wonders for our mental health, the painting isn’t going to do itself if you’ve promised your other half you’ll do it before the year is out.

So, we’ve got a list of the most high intensity DIY jobs that can help you work up a sweat.

High Intensity Jobs

Sanding has been revealed as the most laborious household job, which burns an average of 392 calories an hour.

Carpentry, tiling and painting all came after, which involve using muscles in your arms, back and legs.

Moderate Level of Intensity

Gardening is the first of the DIY tasks with moderate intensity, burning 306 calories for women.

Digging holes with an angled shovel, planting seedlings and cleaning up grass can be a good way to work up a sweat.

Low-level intensity

Putting up shelves can be considered a hard task for some people. found out that women burned 249 calories, making it the DIY task with a low intensity that burns the most calories.

The DIY job that burns the least calories is wallpapering.

Putting up wallpaper is not easy, but it requires more mental effort than physical, as it needs to be cut to the correct lengths and patterns need to be perfectly aligned.