The Ultimate Performance Enhancing Song To Run To

Whether it’s a podcast or a playlist, it’s likely you’re tuning into something when you run. However, for those of you who want to run a little bit faster, you might just need to change what your headphones are playing.

After 25 years of scientific research, Professor Costas Karageorphis, a world-leading expert on the psychology of music in exercise, has teamed up with The Running Channel (, a YouTube channel dedicated to running, to release the perfect song to run to, ‘Run With Me‘, produced by Brother Music (

Prof. Karageorghis’s work as a consultant to AIR:RUN ( inspired the project. AIR:RUN is a new closed-road running event based in London, which uses the world’s first audio app to guide runners. As well as that, it offers motivational tips, advice for specific areas of the course and a selection of performance-enhancing music, including Run With Me.

As a result, this dance-pop track includes a unique scientific combination of the ideal tempo, syncopation, instrumentation and rhythm - The ingredients to make the perfect running song! The song also has impactful lyrics to help motivate you and enhance your running song. It is said to increase endurance and reduce perceived exertion by 10 to 15 percent.

We spoke to Prof. Karageorghis to hear what he has to say

“I’ve always been passionate about music’s impact on people’s lives. As a child, I lived just above a second-hand record store,” says Karageorghis. “We have been able to show scientifically that the right music can improve many aspects of a runner’s performance by elevating their mood, syncing music’s rhythmic qualities with their body’s movements, or distracting them from physical discomfort. Music is a powerful tool of which any runner can take advantage in their training or racing. Just imagine how much faster Eliud Kipchoge may have been able to run the marathon with the right soundtrack!”

The song is available on Spotify - Click here to listen! Also, check out the song’s launch here!

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