The Ultimate Gym Workout

Short on time and want a workout that will target your entire body? Allyn Condon, double Olympian and General Manager at The Gym Bristol, part of The Gym Group provides the lowdown on how to get fit in five

    • 1. Squat

    • This is one of the best total body exercises, incorporating most of the major muscles as well as working your core muscles. We pick things up all day as part of life so this move can help develop those leg muscles, making life tasks a great deal easier. If you’re looking to burn fat, forget the cardio and get squatting instead.

    • 2. Deadlift

    • This is another great exercise for burning body fat and improving overall strength and conditioning – a big hip hinge movement with a real emphasis on developing your glutes. Due to its high emphasis on developing core stability and postural muscles, this is a great exercise for those looking to reduce long term injury.

    • 3. Lunge

    • This is my favourite move, offering great functional movement. It can be completed in multiple directions to hit those hard to target muscles.

    • 4. Press ups

    • This is the best move to develop your chest. If done correctly, the press up incorporates the skill, strength and awareness of the plank but adds the challenge of upper body development. This is an excellent way to rid of bingo wings!

    • 5. Chest press

    • Grab some weights ladies! This is a similar movement to the press up but with added resistance to allow you to focus on strengthening your the top half. It’s a must for anyone training whether beginner or advanced – change it up by alternating between dumbbells, a resistance machine and a barbell to maximise the benefits.

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