The Best Hiit Workout

Gyms and fitness studios are awash with high intensity interval training (HIIT) following research which shows that it guarantees fat loss results. It is the most time-efficient route to achieving your goals with short sharp bursts producing significantly better results than exercising at a steady rate for longer periods. Better results in shorter time? Sounds too good to be true! But HIIT is for real – and it’s not limited to gyms either. This workout also incorporates agility training that will shock your body into changing shape.

    • The Best Hiit WorkoutHigh knee lift
      Drive your elbows backwards to increase speed and concentrate on getting your feet back on the ground as quickly as possible.

    • Land on the balls of your feet, keeping your head and chest lifted.

    • At the end of the ladder, run backwards to the start to repeat.

    • The Best Hiit WorkoutLateral step
      Stay on the balls of your feet and don’t lift your feet up too high.

    • Focus on the sideways movement, ensuring that you keep your hips low and your arms pumping.

    • Remember to work in both directions along the length of the ladder.

    • Lateral shuffle
      Face the length of the ladder, with one foot in and the other out.

    • The Best Hiit Workout
      Keeping your body low, switch your legs over in one motion. With each switch, travel forwards so you move one rung up the ladder each time.

    • At the end of the ladder, continue the movement, but travel backwards.

    • The Best Hiit WorkoutIn-out jump
      Start with your feet together, standing to the side of the ladder.

    • The Best Hiit Workout
      Keeping your feet together, jump into the space between the rungs and then out to the other side.

    • Now return, but land in the space one rung forward, so you work your way up the ladder.

    • When you reach the end of the ladder, start working backwards.

    • Make your own agility ladder
      A floor ladder is a very useful workout tool, but don’t feel that you have to invest in an expensive prop, as you can easily make one at home. All you need is a bit of space and some parcel tape to lay down two parallel lines that are about 30cm apart, then add 20 rungs at a spacing of 35cm.

    • The Best Hiit WorkoutBasic skip
      Hold a handle in each hand, with the rope resting on the floor behind your heels.

    • Keep your hands at hip level and use your wrists, not shoulders, to swing the rope overhead and down. Jump only a few centimetres off the ground to let the rope pass beneath you.

    • Land on the balls of your feet as softly as possible.

    • The Best Hiit WorkoutSide to side
      Jump from side to side as the rope passes under your feet.

    • Don’t jump too wide, only about 15cm to each side.

    • Keep the knees and ankles soft to avoid injury.

    • The Best Hiit WorkoutTwist
      As you jump up, twist your waist so that your legs and feet are now facing 45 degrees to the side.

    • On the next swing, jump and twist from the waist down, this time to the other side.

    • Concentrate on keeping your feet together throughout the movement.

    • The Best Hiit WorkoutSkipping jacks
      Jump a little higher than the basic skip, landing with your feet about hip-width apart.

    • The Best Hiit Workout
      Return to the centre on the next jump. Avoid landing with your feet too far apart as you could get tangled.

    • Choosing a rope
      A quality rope is necessary for an even swing and to last repeated workouts, so avoid buying a children’s version. The rope should be long enough for the handles to reach your armpits when you stand in the middle of the loop.


    • You’ll need some space so clear some room or try it in your garage, garden or even at the park.
    • Warm up with around five minutes of cardio, moving your limbs through their full range of motion.
    • After the warm up, practice each drill for 30 seconds at an easy pace to familiarise yourself.
    • Your target is 20 seconds of each exercise followed by ten seconds active recovery (jogging on the spot).
    • It’s all about speed in these drills, so go as fast as you can.
    • It’s best not to perform this workout directly after eating. Also, sip water as you go.
    • Cool down with around three minutes of gentle cardio to avoid possible dizziness.

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