The 11 Health Benefits Of Using A Rebounder

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It’s time to go on the rebound. The bellicon® rebounder – a mini trampoline – helps you to lose weight, increase your stamina, strengthen bones and boost your immune system. Studies even confirm that rebounding – because it engages your body so completely – is significantly better than running at burning fat and increasing overall cardio fitness, and with just a few minutes a day it can give your body what it needs to renew your health, fitness and peace of mind.

Will it put a strain on my joints?
Because of the bellicon®’s unique, ultra-elastic bungee-cord suspension, every bounce is smooth, feels great and is gentle on joints and vertebrae. Most rebounders have steel springs which can have a negative impact on joints, however, the effective bungee technology can be customised to fit any training requirements and respect any health issues. bellicon® bungees stretch further to slow you to a soft, virtually-silent landing, while on the way up the elastic cords store the energy absorbed during deceleration and return it almost in full, accelerating your bounce. While cushioning any impact on your back and joints, this incredibly springy bounce offers a wealth of benefits for mind, body and soul.

How can it help me?
Just 20 minutes on your mini trampoline will make you feel amazing, here’s why…

  • Muscular engagement
    Works every part of your body – especially core muscles – for overall fitness
  • Lymphatic flow
    The muscular activity, movement and g-forces accelerate lymphatic circulation, naturally detoxifying the body
  • Fat burning
    Increased metabolism from cardio and muscle activity rapidly reduces fat
  • Intervertebral discs
    The low-impact bouncing massages intervertebral disks, keeping them healthy and flexible
  • Posture
    Improves balance, proprioception and core strength, which helps posture and alignment
  • Stimulates digestion
    Aids digestion by increasing the efficiency of muscles along the gastrointestinal tract

“I’m a 62-year-old lady with lots of health issues like scoliosis, osteoporosis and celiac disease. I’ve had a lot of upper body limitations recently so I’ve been spending a lot of time bouncing on my bellicon®. It gives me such joy! It has also improved my balance and helped with bone density. I carefully researched many rebounders before settling on the bellicon®. I look forward to decades of happy bouncing-esp with all my new tips”
Lydia, bellicon® user

When purchasing a bellicon® mini trampoline you get two months free access to the bellicon® platform where you’ll find lots of videos with examples of exercises. Available in three different diameters, foldable legs and with a support bar, you can design your own rebounder with hundreds of colour combinations. Try it for yourself.