Tara Stiles’ Sleep Better Yoga Routine

This routine is designed to calm any remaining tension in your body and mind so you can have a restful night’s sleep. Just like the wake-up routine, you can practice this right from the comfort of your bed, so you are all set to be supercozy for the night. Stay easy with your breath and enjoy. Dream well!

  • Get cozy in your bed
    Sit up however you can be comfortable. Close your eyes and draw your attention inward. If you notice your attention wandering, guide it back to your breath. Hang here for a few long, deep breaths.

  • And stretch…
    Staying easy in your body, lean to your right, resting your right hand and forearm on the bed beside you. Open your left arm and bring it up and over your head. Hang here for a few breaths, moving your body gently to open things up a bit. When you’re ready, come back up to the middle and go for the other side, inhaling and lifting your right arm up.

  • Time to twist
    Bring your right arm down and press your right hand on top of your left thigh and your left hand on the bed behind you for support. Take a big inhale and lift your torso up. Twist toward your left, pressing your right hand on your left thigh. Exhale and twist a little farther around. Repeat this a few more times with your breath. When you’re done, bring yourself back to the centre. Go for the other side. When you’re ready, come back to centre. Rest your hands on your thighs and close your eyes for a moment, guiding your attention back to your breath.

  • Breathe easy
    Sit into your right hip and bring your left leg behind you for pigeon. Get comfortable here. Try moving your right foot either closer toward or away from you to find a place where you feel a good opening in your hips and you can still breathe easily. Take a big inhale and open up a bit here.

  • Fold forward
    Exhale and walk yourself forward and relax on your bed. Hang here for several long, deep breaths.

  • Stack and relax
    When you’re ready, bring yourself back up, lean into your right hip, and bring your left leg around. Stack your ankles and knees on top of each other if that feels comfortable. If stacking isn’t comfortable, bring your left leg to rest in front of your right leg. Hang here for a few breaths. If it feels good, relax your torso forward, walking your hands to one side and then the other. Bring yourself back upright and repeat the movements on your other side starting with pigeon.

  • Lie down
    Lie down comfortably. Hug your right knee into your chest. Roll your leg around to gently open your hips a bit. Hang here for a few long, deep breaths.

  • Twist again
    Rest your right leg across you toward your left side. Relax your left arm over your right leg and open your right arm out to your side. Hang in this twist for a few long, deep breaths. Come back to centre and go for the other side.

  • Sweet dreams
    Come back to centre — and you’re lying down comfortably. Sweet dreams!

I hope you are drifting off to a wonderful night’s sleep and feel fantastic and well rested in the morning.
Extract taken from Strala Yoga by Tara Stiles. For more information about Tara Stiles visit}