Summer Workout Do’s and Don’ts

DO flaunt it

“When it comes to your outfit choice, high heat is not the time to stress about unshaven legs!” Nicole says. “The most important thing is to keep an even body temperature so dare to bare for your health.”

DO pick your route carefully

“Try and stick to routes with plenty of shade,” Rauri advises. “Parks, woodlands and tree-lined pavements are perfect.”

DON’T ignore your body

“Ignore any pacing splits (a race’s total time divided into smaller parts) and focus instead on how much effort you’re putting in to help keep you at a safe output level,” Nicole says.

DO think about fabrics

“Keep clothing light, both in weight and colour,” Rauri says. “Look at fabrics that help keep you cool such as merino wool.”

DO hydrate constantly

“Water is great, but if you’re running 10k or more, you might also want to sip on a sports drink an hour before or afterward to up your sodium levels,” Nicole suggests.


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