Should I Work Out With A Hangover?

If you’re feeling less-than-fragile after a weekend of drinking, we’ve got some news for you.

Working out to ‘sweat it out’ might not be the best option for you, as nutritionist Jenna Hope explains.

“The liver can only metabolise one unit of alcohol per hour. Overnight your body is metabolising the alcohol which means it’s already been metabolised, and you cannot simply ‘sweat it out’.

“What’s more is that a hangover often indicates that you’re likely to be dehydrated and therefore a workout may further contribute to dehydration.

“I recommend consuming a glass of water upon waking up with a heavy head and going for a walk as gentle activity may help you to feel better.

“When a large amount of alcohol is metabolised the body can draw on additional stores of micronutrients to help metabolise it so ensure you’re opting for wholefoods, good quality protein sources and a variety of vegetables to re-hydrate and provide extra nutrients.

“If you are going to workout, please be aware that you’re also unlikely to feel your fittest or strongest so trying to hit your PBs isn’t the best idea.

“It’s also imperative that you’re extra conscious of re-hydrating throughout the day.”