Raise the bar

Stuck in a rut when it comes to your fitness routine? Fear not, as we tell you the best products you need to super-charge your workout.

  • Raise the barUnbeelievable
    Tell colds, flu, hay fever & illness to buzz off! Plant based Bee Prepared daily immune formula contains ingredients with proven immune boosting benefits, which are not usually found in a regular diet or multivitamin including highest quality bee propolis, olive leaf, elderberry, beta glucans, & acerola cherry. These nutrients have natural antibiotic, antiviral & antibiotic properties and natural anti histamine actions. Formulated by nutritionists and Bee Prepared is Vegetarian Society approved, ‘Free From’ & suitable for most ages.

  • Raise the barEat, Lift, Thrive
    Can you tell your protein from your pilates? The fitness industry is bigger than ever so no wonder so many women have been left confused. Instagrammer Sohee Lee (@soheefit) should know. Her own struggles with self-image and food pushed her to change things. Now a highly-qualified fitness coach she’s helping thousands of women improve their lives too. Her new book Eat. Lift. Thrive. draws on her personal fitness journey to help you build confidence, improve health and get the results you always wanted. It’s not just another training plan, it’s a blueprint for a sustainable, healthy fitness lifestyle!

    Eat, Thrive, Lift – £16.99

  • Raise the barShock Absorber
    Shock Absorber has changed the game when it comes to the humble sports bra. Their newest innovation, the Ultimate Fly Bra is said to give proper breast support combined with amazing ultra-light comfort for a completely new performance experience. Experts in bounce control, Shock Absorber have designed the Fly Bra with exercise lovers in mind. The concept was born out of creating lightness with ultimate support, almost like a second skin sensation. The straps are non-slip and adjustable, while the band is brushed elastic to reduce friction and chaffing.

    Shock Absorber Fly Bra, £45,

  • Raise the barInnovo
    1 in 3 women suffer from bladder weakness in the UK, making it more common than hay fever. As well as suffering after pregnancy and childbirth it can also affect women during menopause and those who participate in high-impact sport. The good news is there is an effective treatment called Innovotherapy – a non-invasive pelvic floor restoration system. Worn around the thighs and buttocks, Innovotherapy sends targeted impulses via a set of conductive pads to activate the muscles of the entire pelvic floor and restore the muscle strength to treat bladder weakness. Innovotherapy is clinically proven, safe and effective with 93% of users experiencing a significant reduction in leaks after just 4 weeks.

    INNOVO, £249,

  • Raise the barVoost
    If you’re looking for a way to up your vitamin intake, VÖOST’s range of supplements could help. Hailing from the sunny shores of Australia, the brand is dedicated to offering specifically formulated, effervescent vitamins and minerals, designed to suit busy and active lifestyles. A range of different vitamins and minerals are available from VÖOST, including vitamin D, magnesium and vitamin B. Simply dissolve the tablet in 200ml of water and enjoy the benefits! Available in Waitrose, Morrisons and Superdrug.
    For full range visit

  • Raise the barCopper88 compression wear
    Remember the copper bracelet your granddad swore kept him healthy? Well, he may have had a point! Copper88 compression wear is made with a unique fabric which contains embedded copper fibres to help facilitate the transfer of oxygen through the bloodstream. In other words, the oxygenated blood helps muscles recover quicker tcopherefore speeding up recovery time.

    Quote ‘yourfit’ for a 10% online discount!

  • Raise the barFysqial nutrition tablets
    Wipe the slate clean from your cheat-day treats with FYSIQAL Nutrition’s Carb Crusher tablets, designed to help prevent extra carbs and calories from being absorbed and stored as fat. With White Kidney Bean Extract as a key ingredient, it can help prevent up to 66% of carbs being absorbed. Other ingredients include – Caffeine, Guarana and Chromium Picolinate helping to boost metabolism and therefore burning fat at the same time, meaning you can enjoy your cheat meals without as much guilt!

    Bottle of 90 tablets normally £12.99, currently on special offer at
    £9.99, available from