Pregnant Women Are Close To The Maximum Limit Of Human Endurance

The ultimate limit for human endurance has been discovered by scientists and they have also revealed that women who are pregnant are very close to the maximum.

Researchers at Duke University ( investigated a 3,000 mile ultra marathon, the Tour de France and other elite sporting challenges to understand what the human body can deal with. Two and a half times the body’s resting metabolic rate for the average person which means them burning 4,000 calories a day, was found the be the cap. Anything higher than that was not sustainable in the long term, reports the BBC. When a woman is pregnant, her energy reaches 2.2 times their metabolic rate, falling just short of the endurance limit. This is because during pregnancy, women will experience more pressure on their organs as the baby gets bigger and could be carrying a hefty 15kg more than her regular weight.

More proof that pregnant women are amazing!