Mrs Hinch: “Incredible Things Happen When You Accept Who You Are And Embrace It!”

We spoke to online cleaning sensation Sophie Hinchliffe about calming remedies and her advice for first-time mums.

Do You Have Any Advice For First-Time Mums?

“Be gentle and kind to yourself. Remember that you’re doing your absolute best and that is enough. Try your hardest not to compare yourself to other people because all of our babies are so different and make sure you accept advice from only a few trusted sources.”

How Do You Cope When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed Or Anxious?

“When I feel like things are getting on top of me, I give myself something to do and divert my attention elsewhere. Long-term, I keep myself as balanced as I can. I find taking proper time out for myself, such as having a long soak with a face mask, writing my lists and doing my activities in my journal, really helps over time, but you have to stick to it for it to work.”

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