Mental Health: This Surprising Age Group Is The Loneliest In The UK

Millennial woman looking out the window feeling lonely

There was a time when loneliness may have evoked images of someone from the older generation alone in their house, but new research has revealed that two out of three Brits have experienced feeling lonely, with 25-34-year-olds experiencing it the most.

A new campaign, created by mental health charity, Samaritans and PG Tips, is encouraging people to get together over a cup of tea to combat those feelings of loneliness throughout January and February.

Brew Monday

Brew Monday puts a new spin on the notorious Blue Monday, with celebrities such as Dame Julie Walters, the Great British Bake Off’s Michael Chakraverty and comedian Rachel Parris all behind the campaign.

The aim is to take the time to listen to someone who might be in need of a friendly conversation, therefore helping them through a tough time and raising money for the Samaritans.

The survey also revealed that 9 in 10 participants said getting together over a cup of tea would help them feel less lonely, with major life changes, such as becoming a new parent, bereavement or moving to a new area were all identified as key factors attributing to people’s loneliness.

It costs just £5 for Samaritans to be able to answer a call for help from someone struggling to cope with big, difficult feelings, who may feel so alone.

Dame Julie Walters said: “Talking is really important – to get it out of your head and into the atmosphere and for someone to witness that, is important in life.

“I’m supporting Brew Monday as I believe we need to listen, notice and talk to people. It isn’t a problem to talk about how you are feeling, and things won’t get out of control, if anything it will dissipate. It’s about not being afraid to approach somebody and noticing what’s happening around you.”