Know When To Quit

Women leaning back, eyes closed and smiling

In light of the clocks striking midnight on the eve of 2019, naturally it’s important to discuss how a new year brings a remarkable, fresh sense of purpose. Alas, this is usually how it goes after every New Year’s Eve party – you drink too much, vow afterwards to become a better person and succumb to a life of extreme diet and exercise – for approximately three days. Changing our lives entirely (and for good) in the first week of January is probably a tad unrealistic, but has there been something that’s been dragging you down in 2018 where you know a life change is genuinely overdue?

Knowing when to say goodbye to your commitments can be tough, especially if they represent a significant time in your life. A job that’s creating feelings of anxiety and fear on a Sunday evening is not something that you should be taking with you into 2019; a relationship or friendship which has turned from an amicable, equal partnership may now be toxic and draining. Perhaps that weeknight commitment that you begin to dread days before doing it is getting you down? Many of us feel trapped by our obligations and unable to shift unwanted responsibility, but it’s important to take the time to sit back and decide whether what you’re doing is worth the negative feelings that plague you surrounding it, or whether quitting will significantly benefit your mental wellbeing.

Our advice is, if it’s a source of worry and upset for you on a regular basis, and has been for a prolonged period of time, then it’s not worth it. It’s crucial to put your happiness before short-lasting feelings of guilt about giving up. Weigh up your options, talk to a friend who understands, but ultimately, it may be time to quit.

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