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Joe Wicks’ Top Tips For Getting Lean

With an Instagram feed brimming with simple-yet-delicious recipe videos, before and after weight loss photos (all showing dizzying success) and simple HIIT workouts, it’s no wonder Joe Wicks is a global phenomenon. We caught up with The Body Coach to find out how we can (star) jump onboard the lean train… it’s a lot easier than you may think!

    • 1 It’s all in the planning “The first thing you want to do is prep your meals. Get into the habit of getting your food on a Sunday then preparing your meals for the week. This will encourage you to eat well and stay away from junk food and ready meals.”

    • 2 Let’s get physical “The next step is to increase your exercise. Start doing 20-25 minutes per day, 4-5 days per week – Once you get going and start to build momentum you’ll see great results”.

    • 3 Lemme take a selfie “It’s really good to take progress pictures of yourself,. Take a selfie every month so you see the real change in your body shape.”

    • 4 Tip the scales “Throw away the sad step! Don’t measure your progress on the scales as this is not going to motivate you.”

  • 5 Focus on the short-term “Work towards goals. Maybe you’ve got a holiday booked or an event coming up so really focus on that to help you stay motivated.”

To read the full interview with Joe Wicks, pick up the February issue of Your Fitness on sale December 30th
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