Jenni Falconer’s Fitness Diary - March 2016

Some of us love making schedules and writing lists and I am definitely one of these people. This obsession with organisation pays off, particularly when it come to scheduling my fitness activities for the week. I believe I get more done and really commit to my exercise regime if I plan it wisely. There is some truth in the fact that if you plan ahead you will be more likely to stick to what you have arranged because you’re already psychologically committed. With this in mind, it makes sense to schedule your gym sessions in advance and to plan when you can squeeze in your workouts at the start of your week.

My life doesn’t really follow a regular routine. Work and childcare affect how my days pan out and it constantly changes. So, on a Sunday, I try to work out what I am doing while also allowing for things to U-turn during the week. I sign up to various classes and schedule in runs by looking at the weather forecast. Looking ahead to the following seven days, for example, I have already made my plans.

In the week, my alarm goes off at 2.30am and I leave my house at 3am. I am on air on Heart at 4am and finish there just after 6am. Often I work on other projects throughout the day, but on the whole I can make arrangements around these other jobs. My aim for next week includes at least an hour’s worth of exercise everyday Monday through to Friday and then I will treat myself to some rest days at the weekend.

So this Monday at 7am, I have a bootcamp class pencilled into my diary. To the start the week with a proper sweat session, I would like to follow this with an eight and a half mile run home. It takes me just as long to run home as it does going on the train so if I am really shattered, then I will let myself take the easy option.

Tuesday I will run home as soon as the sun rises and then go to my local David Lloyd gym where I have booked in for a fierce yoga class. It’s a great way to work out and stretch my aching muscles.

Wednesday is another bootcamp class and on Thursday I will take part in a Les Mills immersive group cycling class. This cardio workout will be followed by a weights session afterwards in the gym for toning.

On Friday I will be pounding the pavement once again and getting another eight miles under my belt. To finish the week well, I’d like to pop to the gym after this for some ab work.

A healthy regime doesn’t just involve working out, it also involves eating well and in terms of food, it is relatively easy to plan your meals for the week – particularly if you get your shopping delivered.

Good luck with your fitness scheduling. I promise if you plan it, you will be more inclined to stick with your regime and be less likely to find an excuse to avoid it!

Jenni Falconer