J-Lo: “I love the way working out makes me feel”

With a successful career spanning almost two decades, two children and a body that defies time, Jennifer Lopez defines the terms #goals. So, what’s her secret? Post pregnancy triathalons ad a strict sugar and salt-free diet aside, Jennifer is also a loyal student of the Tracy Anderson Method and swears by wellness supplement BodyLab. Here she reveals more about her fitness routine…


My number one goal with BodyLab was to focus on the specific needs of women. I’m extremely proud of the fact that our health and fitness formulas were designed by women, for women. A lot of us are worried about taking protein but there’s no added creatine so you won’t bulk up.


I always start my day with a BodyLab TastyShake in the morning, a healthy lunch, and then another protein shake for dinner. That shake at dinner is key, because when you’re dieting it seems like you’re always your hungriest at night, so having some calorie-smart protein can help fill you up and kill those night time cravings.


I love the way working out makes me feel, so I try to keep my body hydrated and well rested after every workout so I’m ready to hit it hard again the next day. I drink plenty of water, fuel my body with healthy foods and make it a priority to get eight hours of sleep a night. I also love to relax with my kids after a workout and share a healthy snack with them!


Washing my face after training is essential. That helps keep my pores clean and my skin feeling healthy. Then I’ll usually put on moisturiser and sunscreen and maybe just a little make-up if I’m going out, or a moisturiser and eye cream if it’s the evening.

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