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I Tan For Me: How Tanning Can Boost Body Confidence

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What is it about a fresh tan that makes us feel so good? Rosie Greenhalgh, CEO of British beauty brand Rose & Caramel, asked herself and three women that very question…

British brand Rose & Caramel have launched their ‘I Tan For Me’ campaign to raise awareness for women’s mental health. It comes about after the company was inspired by heart touching stories and photos that were shared to them by their own fans. Ranging from tales about how the brand’s tanning products have boosted their self-esteem and body confidence, to how those same products have helped cover up side effects caused by endometriosis (a common condition where small pieces of the womb lining are found outside the womb), many women have been spurred on to reveal what it is about tanning that they love.

Owner and entrepreneur of Rose & Caramel, Rosie Greenhalgh, was touched by how her products have impacted the lives of women and asked herself where her own obsession with fake tan began; and how she could help women in the UK who were struggling with their self-esteem and mental health.

Rosie’s own story started aged 11; with an extremely pale complexion, she found it hard to achieve the desired ‘tanned’ look she was seeking, so when her mother surprised her with her first bottle of tan, it was a dream come true.

“It was from The Body Shop and it was a thin lotion with a watermelon scent,” says Rosie. “I can’t believe the detail I can remember about it! I applied it and woke up extremely brown. I went to school the next day feeling the best I had ever felt, I mean I finally felt like I looked good and all the girls said ‘wow, look at the colour of you!’. I didn’t tell anyone it was fake, but at dinner, someone on the playground said ‘oh my god look at her hands’ - they were bright orange, and I mean luminous orange. Even though I was dying of embarrassment inside, I managed to laugh it off. That was the start of a lifelong relationship that developed between myself and self-tan.”

Rose & Caramel asks three women what confidence means to them.

Rosie Greenhalgh, CEO of Rose & Caramel:

“I have always had extremely pale skin that barely tans in the sun. From a young age, self-tan has been my go-to for a confidence boost. If I’m happy with my appearance then I feel like I have a more positive attitude throughout the day. True self-confidence to me means being happy in your own skin and having the ability to encourage others to feel the same. I have a quote by Charlie Chaplin in my house that I see every day, that says, ‘you have to believe in yourself, that’s the secret,’ and that’s exactly what I’d tell my 18-year-old self.”

Fan of the brand, Sammi Gallier:

“Rose and Caramel is probably the best tan I have used (and I have used a lot!). Having a tan which looks so natural, especially around my scars, is not easy! When I have my tan on, I feel beautiful and like I can take on the world! It might sound silly as it’s only fake tan; but it gives me a lot of self-confidence! It just makes you look and feel so healthy. I used to be so self-conscious growing up, especially with having such prominent scars on my body, but now I’m not afraid to show them off as they remind me of my real strength. Self-confidence to me is believing in myself and whatever I put my mind to. I would tell my younger self to embrace the things that make her different - her scars, heart problems, red hair and freckles! People pay to have hair the same colour as mine now. I would tell her that she is beautiful and that one day, she will embrace and love her scars and body too.”

Fan of the brand, Megan Cowan:

“I struggle to tan in the sun due to being a natural redhead. Instead, I just burn and eventually go pale again (I sympathise with all the redheads who have this problem - we definitely drew the short straw!). Growing up I used to be jealous of my friends when they would come home from holiday with the most gorgeous bronzed skin. I’ve probably tried nearly every tan out there (from the ridiculously cheap to insanely expensive), but I’ve never managed to get that natural tan colour due to me being so pale. Rose & Caramel’s intensity layered with nudity, allows me to have that gorgeous bronzed look whether I’m on holiday or at home! After I’ve tanned, I feel like a whole new person, that I can take on anything and look good in any colour outfit while I do it. Believing in myself and my abilities has given me the confidence I needed to be able to stand up for what I believe in and fight for my dreams. You can love yourself and feel good about the person you are without being ‘big-headed’ or ‘arrogant’. We are all amazingly unique individuals and each and every wrinkle, bump and scar tell a story of a laugh, cry, good or bad time and we should embrace every one of them and be confident while doing it. I’d definitely tell myself not to compare myself to others constantly! I spent so many years trying to be someone else. I always wanted someone else’s figure, that girl’s wardrobe and another girl’s hair. If I could go back I would tell my younger self to love herself the way she is and enjoy every minute of her younger years before becoming an adult. I work in a residential care home with the elderly and it’s completely changed my outlook on life. We are all going to grow old, have wrinkles and grey hair eventually. The only thing we can truly keep hold of is our memories. So instead of missing out on parties and days out, or not wearing that bikini and feeling the sun and sea on your skin, remember they are the memories you will cherish when you’re older. Live every minute of your life to the fullest.”

Fan of the brand, Kelly Louise:

“I have always had low self-esteem and I feel that being pale emphasises my problem areas even more. Whenever I went on holiday I was much more confident once I had achieved some colour. Since I’ve come across Rose & Caramel, my confidence increases hugely when I use their tan. I feel like I am able to wear my clothes with more confidence. Self-confidence has always been a struggle ever since I was younger and receiving negative comments about my appearance only added to the struggle. However, along my journey, I’ve realised that those things you may see as ‘imperfections’ make you who you are. So embrace your uniqueness and don’t let the numbers define your worth. I would love to tell my younger self to see the potential, you must first believe and have confidence in yourself. We are all beautiful.”

Rose & Caramel’s campaign is aimed to help all customers and women to feel comfortable in their own skin, and to say: ‘I TAN FOR ME’. For each post shared, Rose & Caramel will donate £5 to leading mental health charity, MIND for better mental health in the UK.

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