How To Walk Your Way Slim

You may think burning calories can only be done in the gym but that’s not true. If you take opportunities throughout your day to walk, you can burn a lot of calories. Here is how you too can walk your way slim:

Get up and go

500 Steps, potential KCAL burn: 25

You’d be surprised at how many steps you can get in before you even leave the house. Walking to the bathroom to shower, back to the bedroom to get dressed and down to the kitchen for breakfast – it all adds up. Just ensure that you’re making every second count – there’s a lot to be said for pacing while you brush your teeth or while the kettle is boiling.


2,000 Steps, potential KCAL burn: 100

We get that the commute is quite possibly one of the dullest drudgeries of modern-day life and that you’d do almost anything to eradicate its existence, but a few interjected steps could actually make it bearable, trust us! Try getting off the tube a few stops earlier or parking a little further afield so that you can walk 20 minutes every morning. Brownie points for doing it with a mindful outlook: noticing the sound of the breeze, the colour of the leaves and smell of the rain etc. Got a school run to fit into your morning? Even better! Apply the same tactic and you’ll be improving your health and your child’s.

Offer to carry their school bags and you’ve even got yourself a weighted workout! Still having doubts? Just know that there’s no better form of exercise than that with a purpose. Think about it: even if you’re tired, bored or simply not feeling it, you can’t stop till you get there, so it’s a fail-proof method of getting active during the day. You’re welcome!

Break time

4,000 Steps, potential KCAL burn: 200

Be honest, how do you tend to spend your lunch breaks? If you’re anything like us, you’re probably used to devouring a salad at your desk with one hand on the keyboard. It’s one of the worst things you can do for your health, wellbeing and even your productivity. Yes, you read that correctly! Working through may seem like a good way to tackle your to-do list, but studies show that it can actually reduce productivity by up to 20 percent. Nevertheless, 70 percent of British workers admit to skipping their lunch hour on a daily basis.

Break the routine and get outside for those 60 minutes instead. A brisk walk can do wonders for your mindset as well as your waistline, just be sure to keep up the pace. We like to use a playlist to keep our steps in time.

Social climbing

2,000 Steps, potential KCAL burn: 100

When 5pm hits, it’s all too easy to grab your work pals and head down to nearest local, but why not walk a little further and try somewhere new? Better yet, try a few. Stick to one drink per location with a 10-minute walk in between and happy hour can easily turn into your new favourite fitness session!

We recommend fruit juice or sparkling water for ultimate slimming benefits, but if you can’t resist having just one, opt for a clear spirit with a low sugar mixer such as a vodka soda and fresh lime (just a single mind!).

Home sweet home

2,000 Steps, potentiaL KCAL burn: 100

Another great thing about ditching transport 20 minutes from work? You also have to walk 20 minutes to get back. It’s a great time to reflect on what you’ve done that day and make goals for the upcoming week. Both personal and career-based aspirations.

After eight

1,000 Steps, potential KCAL burn: 50

Even when the day is over you can still keep burning calories. It’s all about your approach. Instead of performing a circus-worthy balancing act trying to carry your dinner, salad bowl and drink to the dining area, make multiple trips. When you need to use the bathroom, take the stairs rather than using the cloakroom. If you need to talk to your significant other, go to them instead of hollering at the top of your lungs.

Total steps: 11,500, potential calorie burn: 575




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