How to get fit in 30 minutes

This workout has been constructed to get you moving, get you working and ultimately have you feeling great in just half an hour. Containing a variety of different exercises, it will work your lower and upper body, as well as your core, and is broken down into sections focusing on each initial muscle group. Performing supersets and tri-sets allows you to save time and be efficient with your workout, meaning you have no excuse not to do it!

    • Walk-down press ups

      (Superset part 1) Perform 15 reps before moving straight onto the next exercise.
      Start in an upright position, standing with feet shoulder width apart with a neutral spine and tighten your core.

    • Walk your hands down your body and out in front of you so you are fully extended and in a press up position.

    • Keep your core tight, bum down low and stomach up. With your arms parallel to your shoulders, drop down until your chest is two inches from the floor. Walk your way back up.

    • Moving plank

      (Superset part 2) Perform this for 30 seconds.
      As soon as you finish the last press up from the previous exercise, go back down into the press up position.

    • Start your stopwatch and proceed to go up and down from plank position to press up position, from your forearms to palms on floor.

    • Dumbbell shoulder press

      (Superset part 1) Perform 20 reps before moving straight onto the next exercise.
      Start either standing or seated on a bench with a neutral spine, and both dumbbells resting just above each shoulder and palms facing in front of you.

    • Extend your arms fully, pressing the dumbbells up above your head, and then count three seconds down as you bring the dumbbells down to the start position.

    • After you have completed the first 10 reps, perform another 10 reps with a normal pace up and down.

    • Behind head extension

      (Superset part 2) Perform this for 30 seconds.
      Stand with your legs slightly apart, a dumbbell in each hand.

    • Raise the dumbbells, then slowly lower them behind your head. Hold for a couple of seconds then slowly raise them back up to the starting position.

    • Toe touches

      (Triset part 1) Perform 20 reps before moving straight onto the next exercise.
      Start with your upper torso and back relaxed on the floor, with your legs vertical in the air above you.

    • Extend your arms out and crunch up using your upper abdominals and try to tap your toes, then relax back down to the starting position.

    • Ball throws

      (Triset part 2) Perform for 30 seconds before moving straight onto the next exercise.
      Sitting upright, cross your legs over one another, taking both legs slightly off from the floor.

    • Lean back, so you feel tension in your core and when you’re ready, carefully throw the medicine ball straight up in the air, catching it when it comes back down.

    • Crunches

      (Triset part 3) Perform 20 reps.
      Lie on your back and bring both of your legs off the floor, bent at a right angle.

    • Sit up as far as you can to the knees, and on every fifth rep hold the position for five seconds.

    • Reverse squat-lunge

      (Superset part 1) Perform 15 reps before moving straight onto the next exercise.
      Start in a standing position, keeping a neutral spine and tight core, then squat down just below parallel, putting all emphasis on the heels.

    • After you squat, stand up then bring one leg behind the other, lunging backwards. Once you have lunged both sides, this is one rep.

    • Squat taps

      (Superset part 2) Perform for 30 seconds.
      Start standing with legs shoulder-width apart and pick up two kettlebells.

    • Squat down, and place the weights on the floor, then jump up. As you land, grab the weights again and resume into normal squat.

    • Glute kickbacks

      Perform 30 reps on each leg, then 25 on each and finish with 20 reps on each.
      Go on all fours with your knees in line with your hips.

    • Take one leg off the floor and bring it in tight to your chest.

    • Then, extend the same leg out fully, pushing it high above your back, activating your glute muscles.

    Personal trainer: Alex Millington, Hair and make-up: Jo Adams (, Model: Amanda Piery, W Model Management, Clothing and trainers: Adidas, Ellesse, Equipment: Dumbbells: studio’s own, Kettlebells and medicine ball: Physical Company (, Studio: Cliqq Studios (

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