What Is The Best Workout For My Personality?

Ever been guilty of saying “I’m just not cut out for…”, then naming an exercise that you’ll never pursue again. Well, abandon your guilt, because it could simply be that your chosen workout didn’t suit your personality. Think of it like dating - sometimes it really is a case of ‘it’s me, not you’ when a form of exercise doesn’t work out.

MINDBODY - the leading health and wellbeing app - have teamed up with a range of experts to give you six classes to suit both the introverted and the extroverted.

Introvert versus extrovert

An introvert is an individual that will desire some alone time after being around a group of people, to recharge their social battery.

According to YouGov Profiles, 60 percent of people consider themselves to be introverted, which may explain why there is a rise in popularity for exercises that can be completed alone or at home. On the other hand, an extrovert will gain energy by surrounding themselves with the presence of other people.

With 32 percent of extroverts revealing a belief that physical exercise is important to them, we’ve looked at the exercises to suit both the adventurous and the reserved.

Classes for introverts


HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training and is perfect for introverted individuals.

Tom Jenane, nutrition and fitness expert at Natures Health Box, says HIIT is: “Great for burning calories in a minimal amount of time, plus you do the exercises solo. If you don’t fancy attending a public class, there are plenty of Youtube videos you can follow at home.”

Tom advises that you switch up your HIIT routines to keep your motivation fresh and ensure you’re working on different areas of your body.

Pilates and yoga

81 percent of introverts revealed that after exercise they find themselves feeling worn out. A perfect solution could be a yoga or pilates class, as they are less vigorous than other exercises, but will aid in the improvement of strength and flexibility. Whilst group classes will mean other people, you have your own space on your mat and can place it where you feel most comfortable.

Luke Hughes CEO of Origym adds: “Most yoga and Pilates classes are also very welcoming and relaxed in nature, so individuals should have no trouble fitting in and feeling comfortable.”

Not only this, but there are many online guides and videos you can follow from the comfort of your own home, should you not fancy taking a class.


During barre, you can find enjoyment within your individual space, while repetitive ballet-inspired movements and strength training helps to challenge your body.

Catie Miller, founder of Xtend Barre London explains: “We work on ourselves in barre and despite the good energy in class, it can also feel like you’re the only one in the room. Classes are often smaller in capacity than other exercise classes and much of the instruction can be based at the barre, which might appeal to someone who prefers their own space or a more intimate environment.”

Classes for extroverts

Boot Camp

Statistics taken from YouGov have revealed that 51 percent of extroverts seek out challenging situations, so where better to do so than boot camp? Requiring teamwork and a variety of challenging exercises that will change each session, boot camp can be tailored to meet extroverts needs.

Tom Jenane says: “Extroverted individuals can bounce off others to push each other and ensure they both get optimal results. For this reason, boot camp workouts are brilliant, as you can ensure you’re all pushing each other to your maximum limit. The added pressure of working out with others means you are less likely to back out early until the session has finished.”


Dance classes, such as Zumba are perfect for extroverts! Not only do they fulfill social, and fitness needs, but are largely focus on simply having fun.

Luke Hughes says “Dance class attendees feed off the high-energy environment that is created when they all come together, which only makes them push harder and most importantly, enjoy themselves!”

Unique classes

An extrovert will be more likely to try new exercise classes fear-free, with 53 percent claiming they are not afraid of risks or challenging situations. This makes them perfect candidates for new exercise concepts, such as aerial yoga and pole fitness. Their desire for a challenge can also be satisfied through the use of combination workouts. Shara Tochia, co-founder of DOSE explains more:

“Consumers are always looking to use their time more efficiently when working out, but they also want their sessions to be mentally stimulating. Combination workouts can be the best way to satisfy that demand, especially for those who fit the moire ‘extroverted’ personality type.”

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