How To Boost Your Cycling Performance

Keen cycler? To celebrate the beginning of the OVO Energy Tour of Britain 2019, with sponsorship from Cetaphil - the multi-award winning skincare brand - cycling coach and Cetaphil Ambassador Raya Hubbell shares her expert advice on how to improve your performance when cycling.

From protecting your skin, the nutritional know-how and using fitness apps to sustain motivation, you’ll advance from beginner to pro on the bike before you know it.

Starting out

“Understanding the intensities, pressures and physiological demands that are placed on your body are key. It’s important to never compare yourself to others, but instead set out your plan of how to increase fitness and tone your body.

Prioritising routine is also an important step; waking up at the same time every morning to train or exercise will help introduce this into your life and release endorphins setting you up for a great productive day.”


Fitness apps, such as Wahoo Fitness will help with recording and monitoring your training. Whereas Strava will track fitness and allow you to plot your routes so you can share your training with others, encouraging healthy competition to reach your goals.

Most importantly you need to listen to your body. When it feels as though you need a break, take one. Rest days are just as important as training days. The body only improves and adapts when taking a break, so ensure you do this at least once a week.”

Staying motivated

“If cycling for pleasure find new routes and explore the countryside. It’s a great way to see the world!

When training, find partners. Cycling with others will help add fun to your training and keep you motivated to continue. The social side of cycling is a key reason many get involved so don’t forget this when setting off to train. Healthy competition with others and yourself is good and will help you notice improvement faster. If training alone, pick a route to cycle regularly and try to beat your time.”


“If you’re planning to be on the bike for a while the body needs to convert food into energy. If you have no stored carbohydrates or depleted fuel stores you may feel like you’re hitting a wall when training or during a race.

Carbs can come in the form of grains, fruit and vegetables and is the key to fuel up. However, ensure to reduce your fat intake as this can inhibit the conversion of your carbs to energy.”


Being comfortable while cycling, be it for pleasure or training will boost performance and enjoyment. Therefore, being comfortable in your skin is equally as important.

“Having a set skincare routine will help ensure your skin is as well-conditioned as the rest of your body when following a training plan.”

Image credit Cetaphil

“Cycling can take its toll on your skin, which can easily dry out in harsh weather conditions. After every training session, I use Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion (£8.99). I ensure my performance is never hindered by dry skin.”

Image credit Cetaphil

“The Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (£8.99) is always in my bag to clean off sweaty residue and dirt after a race or training session. A good post-workout cleanse is so important to clean the skin and wash away any impurities.”


Image credit Cetaphil

“Even if you’re outdoors for a short or a long training session SPF is key to avoid sun damage. Cetaphil Daily Defence Facial Moisturiser is a great everyday moisturiser with SPF 50+ (£12.99). Absorbs quickly and hydrating the skin while protecting it from the elements.


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