How To Avoid Injury When Returning To Fitness

Oh hi, gyms! It’s been a while.

With the green light given for leisure centres to open on 25th July, you may be feeling slightly apprehensive about stepping into your gym again - especially if you’ve relaxed your exercise routine during lockdown.

Tig Hodson and Sam Prynn, experts from StrongHer reveal how to ease yourself back in and avoid injury.

Don’t Go In Where You Left Off

“It doesn’t matter whether getting back into fitness means resuming 100kg deadlifts or booking the next advanced Pilates class, don’t go in where you left off in March, and try to replicate more of what you’ve been doing recently.

“For instance, if you’ve spent a lot of time sitting at a desk for the majority of lockdown, go in at 20 to 50 percent more than what you have been doing. So this could mean you might just go back to the beginner Pilates class for a couple of sessions or deadlift with 40kg to begin with.

“There is a thing in fitness we like to call our RPE (rate of perceived exertion) that usually falls on the level of one to 10 - one being minimal effort and 10 being maximum effort. When you’re returning to fitness, try a level five to six and see how you feel to avoid injuries.”

Build The Foundations

“You can’t build a house without bricks, cement, foundations, so to prevent injury, focus on the elements that make the big thing solid.

“StrongHer has introduced a new four-week online programme called Beginners Strength that is perfect for those getting back into fitness or completely new to it.”

Balance It Out

“Focus on unilateral movements, such as single leg work (think: lunges, step ups) or single arm work (single arm rows) - basically, anything that uses one side and then the other.

“Most injuries come from an imbalance or over compensation, and when you’re returning these things can be exacerbated if you head straight into squats and deadlifts.”

Seek Advice

“Go and see an osteopath or physio and get them to identify what area of your body needs attention before returning to fitness.

“Remember, fitness is meant to make your body stronger for longer, not break it to pieces, so get to know how you can do that by visiting an expert first.”

The strictly women-only fitness brand, StrongHer, is opening a ground-breaking new strength and conditioning studio in Bethnal Green, London, that will educate, empower, and help women prioritise their health in a supportive environment. The studio is set to open in August and the team will continue offering online classes at StrongHer Inside TV.