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How to achieve Fleur East’s sculpted arms

Fleur Easts sculpted arms

She shot to fame on the X Factor in 2015 and immediately wowed the judges with her endless energy and powerful voice, but singing isn’t Fleur East’s only passion – she also loves exercise and fitness. And having recently trained with sportswear brand PUMA, her figure is looking as svelte as ever.

So what are her secrets?

“I’ve always been active from a young age. I was in the netball team at school and danced when I left. After uni, I started going to the gym and working out even more, and it’s something I love doing. For me, it’s not necessarily for an aesthetic reason. It makes me feel good and gives me more energy.

“I try to go to the gym or work out most days but I don’t just go to work on the machines – I love classes, especially spin and boxing and I like to switch it up. The good thing about classes is you feel like you’re not alone. It can be a lot more fun and it’s not as laborious. You look to your left and there’s someone there sweating and you look to your right and there’s someone else working just as hard.

“It can be really difficult with a busy schedule. I always start the beginning of a week with all these slots booked in, but then when I get my work schedule for the week I have to rearrange a lot which can be a bit frustrating. I have a lot of home workout DVDs though so if I can’t get to the gym I do them or other moves at home. There’s so much you can do in your living room – there’s never any excuse not to keep fit.

“I have some light weights and other bits of kit including a skipping rope which is brilliant. I remember reading an interview with Kelly Rowland ages ago where she said that she loved skipping. She always looks great so after reading that I went straight out and bought a skipping rope and have been using it ever since. It’s so easy to go out into the garden and do a quick session and I love doing it as fast as I can for half an hour. You really get into the zone.”

Fleur goes on to reveal her top moves and exercises for a toned upper body and more specifically those gorgeous, sculpted arms.

1. Push-ups

“A push-up may just be a basic exercise but it works so many parts of your body. I do a minute non-stop, then rest and continue with a set of something else.”

2. Burpees

“Burpees are amazing. They’re so hard and everyone hates them but they’re incredible because they work every part of your body and can really help you achieve sculpted arms and shoulders.”

3. Tricep dips

“This is an easy move to do, especially if you work out at home a lot. Just make sure your back is straight and you hold good form. To make them more advanced you can hold each rep for five seconds.”

4. Plank

“I wouldn’t say I love planks but I know you get great results from them! The longest plank I ever did was five minutes on Good Morning Britain. I beat Peter Andre which I’m pretty proud about!”

5. Skipping

“I do half an hour and try to keep up quite a fast pace, so I’ll get to the point where I’m really in the fat-burning zone and everything is getting toned.”

Fleur East trained with PUMA trainer Jay Copley (@jaycopley) as part of her ongoing fitness regime. Watch Fleur in action at Instagram, shop Fleur’s outfit at and follow @PUMARunning to view the collections.

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