Home Lower Body Workout

If you’re still anxious to get back to the gym, this home lower body workout is great for building strength and stamina.

Designed by lead trainer and founder of the Tone & Sculpt app, Krissy Cela, this is guaranteed to get your legs burning and set your glutes on fire!

Perform each exercise, one after the other, with little to no rest. Rest for two to three minutes between rounds, repeat three times.

Warm up

Skipping - 5 minutes

Workout - Repeat three times

Step Up Kick Back - 12 reps each side

Lateral Lunges - 24 reps each side

Reverse Lunge Jump - 12 reps each side

Frog Pump - 20 reps

Jump Squat - 12 reps

Straight Leg Kick Back - 12 reps each side


Skipping - 5 minutes