Five Minutes With Gabby Logan

Gabby Logan relaxing on sofa
    • 1. What does your daily routine look like? On a typical day, my alarm goes off at 6:30am. I usually drop my kids, Reuben and Lois, at school and then go for a workout. In my job, no two days are ever the same. One day I might be catching a plane for a Championship abroad or I might be doing a photoshoot in the UK.
      I love having a busy schedule as it is keeps me on my toes, but I have to be really organised with my schedule; especially now my children are getting older as they are also busy, with friends and sporting commitments, such as cross-country or tennis. In the evenings, we eat together as a family. I cook, while the kids do their homework and Kenny and I catch up on our days. By 10pm the kids will be in bed. I aim to head to bed by 10.30pm but with the longer days and lighter evenings I’ll find myself staying up pottering about doing things around the house or watching the news.

    • 2. What do you eat in a day? I start my day with breakfast, which is usually something like avocado, salmon and spinach or porridge with peanut butter and banana. That usually keeps me going until lunch time. If I’m at home during the day I enjoy whipping up a quick omelette or salad. If I’m on the go, then I’ll go to my favourite haunts like Pret or Leon as they have lots of quick and healthy options.
      I always make sure to pop a TePe EasyPick™ in my handbag too if I’m eating lunch on the go. They’re great for using after a meal to keep your smile healthy and teeth spinach free!
      If I’m feeling peckish between meals, I try to snack on something healthy, such as fruit or a handful of almonds, to keep me going until dinner time. In the evening, I enjoy cooking for my family. Evening meals are often something with lots of locally grown vegetables and lean meat or fish. I think it’s important to make my family have a tasty and nutritious meal as we are all so active and need to refuel our energy. I also make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated.

    • What’s the one mental health tip you swear by? I usually find sleep and exercise are the answer to creating the best mental health for me.

  • 4. When you were starting your career, was there any pressure for you to look a certain way/be a particular size, and how did you overcome that? I didn’t really feel any pressure to look a certain way when I started out in TV. I’ve always liked nice clothes and I enjoyed having my hair and make-up done when I first started my career. I now consider it to be part of the process of getting ready to give a good performance. I actually feel better about certain aspects of my looks now that I did when I was in my 20s, but I think that’s because I’m happier generally.

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