Five Low-Impact Workouts You Need To Try

Recent research carried out by MoveGB, has revealed that individuals who visit multiple venues to exercise are four times more likely to be active six months after joining than those who visit single gym venues. So with summer fast approaching and beach holidays looming, it appears the key to achieving your exercise goals is to keep your workouts varied and here are five we think you’ll love! Best of all, they are all available under one MoveGB membership too.

  • 1. Yoga
    If you’re looking for a total mind and body workout then look no further than yoga. The huge range of benefits of this practice have long been known, from improving physical strength and flexibility, to stress reduction and increased focus. With such a wide variety of studios and styles available, there is a yoga class to suit everyone. It’s also perfect combined with a higher intensity sport as part of your cool down, and if you want to burn more calories at a greater intensity (without the additional stress on the joints), why not try a hot yoga class.

  • 2. Barre
    There is good reason why ballet-inspired workouts are so popular. Combining elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training, Barre studios create targeted workout that sculpt, slim and stretch the whole body. Barre offers a low-impact workout that it kind on the joints, using small and carefully controlled movements designed to exhaust and tone the muscle. Regular classes will result in huge improvement to core strength, in turn helping you stand taller and keeping you safe from injuries. Classes are upbeat, fun and suitable for all levels, since exercises can be modified for beginners or during pregnancy or injury, or if you’re looking for more of a challenge there are always options to amplify the moves too!

  • 3. Belly dancing
    Offering a low-impact workout that can burn as many as 300 calories in an hour, belly dancing is a feel good, tummy-sculpting, stress-reducing workout that will leave you feeling supple, poised and confident in your own skin. Benefits also include relief of PMS and strengthening or regaining abdominal and pelvic muscles, making it a postnatal favourite.

  • 4. Swimming
    Swimming offers a brilliant non-load bearing cardiovascular workout that is suitable for all. Whilst breaststroke is the lowest intensity stroke (burning around 180 calories in 30 minutes), benefits include improved lung capacity and full body engagement and toning. If you prefer some direction, many pools offer upbeat aqua classes, which will get your heart pumping whilst going easy on the joints (as the water supports up to 85% of your weight).

  • 5. Bouldering
    Challenging to both mind and body, bouldering is growing in popularity. As a workout it combines cardio and strength, requiring engagement of virtually all major muscle groups. Benefits include increased mobility, strength, fat loss and flexibility, and with the security of a harness it also offers an opportunity to conquer fear of heights for added self-esteem. At the same time, the mind gets a workout too as you’re required to navigate routes and judge your abilities such as reach and strength and energy levels.

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