Five Minutes With…Elle Macpherson

We’ve all seen those Instagram pics of Elle Macpherson – all golden skinned, glossy haired and leaner than a gazelle – it’s enough to make even the fittest of us weep into our kettlebells. But, all hope isn’t lost as the 52-year-old (we know, right) has spilled all of her wellness secrets to us in our latest issue including her favourite workouts and meals to get honed all year long. We grabbed five minutes with Elle after our interview to find out what really makes the Australian native tick…

Who’s on your workout playlist?

My 18-year-old son made it for me and I have no idea who half the artists are!There is a good dose of Drake though. I also love my 70s music

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Dark chocolate, always a pleasure and no guilt

Greatest source of inspiration?

My kids

What’s on your bed side table?

My Sleep Welle Calming Mist, water in a glass bottle, books, photos of my husband and children

How do you like to relax?

Listening to music, dancing, watching movies and being in nature

What are your most-used apps?

Wahoo Fitness, the app is linked to a heart rate monitor, which is ideal for tracking my progress

What’s the best piece of health advice you’ve been given?

Your inner strength will come from balance, trust, intuition, experience and love

What would we find in your beauty bag?

Bobbi Brown lip glosses – they’re light and natural
Lucus’ Pawpaw ointment – this is great as a lip balm, cuticle oil and for all around healing
THE SUPER ELIXIRT Alkalising Greens
For that ‘alkaline glow’
Dr. Sebagh Rose Serum
For intense hydration

What workouts will you be trying this year?

Boxing, Barry’s Boot Camp and I would like to be able to surf more