Earn £20 For Recycling Your Old Trainers

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So your running trainers are worn out – time to throw them out and buy a new pair, right? Wrong.

Old shoes that are disposed of in your standard kitchen bin can last for around 1,000 years in landfill; meaning big problems for the planet.

But that’s where Wiggle’s Recycle, Refresh, and Run initiative comes in. Its new campaign is encouraging runners to recycle their old trainers in exchange for a £20 voucher.

By offering runners £20 to rehouse their outgoing soles, Wiggle is hoping pre-loved running shoes can find a new home elsewhere.

To gain a voucher, Wiggle is asking runners throughout the UK to simply submit a picture of themselves dropping off their run-down runners to a charity shop (if the shoes are still in reasonable nick), a recycling centre, or just passing them on to a friend or relative.

In return they’ll get £20 towards a fresh pair of kicks from Wiggle’s tailor-made range, giving them access to some of the latest models from leading brands, such as Hoka, Asics, adidas, and more.

With this incentive, you’ve got a chance to feel good about your contribution to the environment and earn £20 in the process!

Upload your image here and get £20 in return.