Downward Dog: Dog Yoga

So, what’s it like? We’re pretty sure that our own playful pups would be too restless to get involved, especially with the calming principles which yoga is founded on, but apparently it’s a barking success! The moves are the same, but dog yoga – or ‘doga’ – involves associating yourself with your pet and their surrounding pack. You’re encouraged to pant and point your paws like your furry friend at these classes, leaving behind all British reserve and ideas of embarrassment. Being able to let go of social norms in this safe space is undoubtedly good for our mental health, on top of the obvious physical benefits of stretching our bodies. It’s necessary for our wellbeing to let out our inner animal every once in a while, and 2018 is the year of the dog, after all! This pet-friendly practice is taught nationwide, but in these classes you are expected to BYOD (bring your own dog), so don’t arrive hound-less. If you’re thinking of taking your friend or neighbour’s pup, it’s probably best that you ask permission first. Be prepared to let go of your inhibitions in these sessions, in order to experience some truly tail-wagging excitement.

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