Deliveroo is set to invest £1million in healthy eating

Deliveroo features a healthy burger with a side of vegan slaw

It’s a scenario we’re all too familiar with: Friday night has rolled around and you’re busy searching the shelves for some inspiration as to what to whip up for dinner, with only a carton of orange juice and a block of cheese to play with.

So, the chances are you opt to reach for the takeaway menu instead, but if you’re striving for better health in 2020, ordering an Indian or Chinese regularly could be a hindrance to those goals.

That’s why Deliveroo is set to invest £1million in healthy eating across the UK this year. It comes as the number of healthy orders on Deliveroo has risen by 181 percent over the past three years, as seven in ten people say they want to see an increase of healthy options on food delivery apps.

The research also revealed that the desire for healthy choices is particularly prevalent amongst young people, with a staggering nine in ten among the 18-24 year old age group saying that they would buy food for delivery more regularly if there was a wider selection of healthy meals.

Vegan dishes are also on the up, with a 330 percent increase in orders of plant-based meals in the past two years, with Vegatsu and Wagamama proving the most popular choices in 2019.

Deliveroo’s £1 million healthy eating investment includes:

  • Providing a consultancy service to restaurant partners to help them increase healthy options
  • Developing new, nutritious delivery-only brands, which will be licensed to restaurant partners

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