Arm Workouts

Danielle Peazer’s Easiest Ever Workout To Banish Bingo Wings

Danielle Peazer, Reebok ambassador, dancer and Be:FIT 2017 spokesperson, knows a thing or two about achieving sculpted limbs so just for you, we grabbed five minutes with the fitness star who shared her easiest ever workout to banish bingo wings. Yes, really – it’s that simple! In just five moves you can slim and tone your limbs. Give this routine a go five times a week and watch your arms become leaner in time for summer.

  • Move 1: Tricep dips
    1 Sit on the floor with your knees facing the ceiling and your legs slightly bent. Rest your arms on the floor around one foot behind your back.
    2 Lift your body up so that your bottom is a few inches off of the floor. Ensure your weight is evenly distributed between your legs and your arms.
    3 Bend your arms to lower your body closer to the floor without letting your bottom make contact with the floor. Hold for two seconds then lift your body back up by straightening your arms.
    4 To intensify this exercise, raise your toes off the ground so that your weight is resting predominantly on your heels and repeat the dips. Aim to do three to four sets of 10 reps.

  • Move 2: Press ups
    1 Lay on your front with your arms stretched out above your head. Tuck your toes under and bend your arms so that your hands are by your shoulders. It is OK if your elbows lift off the floor to enable you to create this position.
    2 Lift your body up so that your arms are fully straight and your body is elevated off the ground.
    3 Bend your arms and lower your body until it is two to three inches off of the ground before pushing back up to straighten your arms.
    4 If this is too difficult, lower your knees onto the ground so that you are on all fours and repeat the same exercise, lowering your chest towards the ground.

  • Move 3: Arm circles
    1 Stand with your legs slightly wider than hip width apart so that you are in a comfortable position. Lift your arms out to the sides so they are parallel with the floor, at a 90 degree angle from your body.
    2 Slowly start to move your arms in a circular motion (whichever way you prefer as you are going to repeat the other way afterwards!)
    3 Start with small circles the size of a table coaster and gradually increase the size of the circles until you are creating circles the size of a beach ball.
    4 Don’t allow your arms to drop from the height they are at and continue this for at least 40 seconds.
    5 Repeat with your arms circling in the opposite direction for at least 40 seconds.

  • Move 4: Standing shoulder press
    1 Stand with your feet hip width apart with your arms by your side holding a dumbbell. Can’t find a weight? Water bottles or bags of flour are just as good.
    2 Keeping your back straight and your stomach muscles held tightly, lift your arms so that your weights are by your ears with your elbows bent down towards the floor.
    3 From here, while maintaining this correct posture, lift your arms above your head until they are straight without letting your arms sway back behind your head.
    4 Lower your arms back down until the weights are at ear level again.
    5 Repeat 10 times for three sets

  • Move 5: Posterior arm pulses
    1 Standing up straight, slightly angle the top half of your body forward (from your hips up) so that it is at a 45 degree angle from the rest of your body.
    2 Take your arms straight out behind you so that they are further back than your body.
    3 Hold them tight so that they stay parallel and gently squeeze them in towards each other as if you are trying to clap your hands behind your back. Your hands don’t have to actually touch but this action will activate your triceps and other smaller muscles within your arms to help shape and tone them in the way that you want.
    4 Repeat this for at least 30 seconds, never letting your arms drop closer to the sides of your body and not letting them get too wide when you are releasing from the ‘clap’ position.