Conquer 2021 With Collins


2020 may not have gone to plan, but we have high hopes for 2021! The arrival of a new year signifies the time for change and the annual New Year resolutions. Sometimes, however, setting ambitious goals can be daunting without proper planning and foresight. It is important to break down your goals into smaller, achievable milestones in
order to not feel burnt out by goals you have set for yourself. Collins have put together a short list from its 2021 Edge Camo Range that will help keep you organised and focused to make sure you stick to those resolutions!


A5 Weekly Diary

It all starts with your diary, the portable epicentre of your planning! This A5 diary has features to make planning your year a breeze thanks to its innovative layout, with all the days of the week on one side and bullet journal pages on the right. It’s a great way to make notes of all the key engagements, meetings, birthdays and appointments alongside a space to be creative. Click here to find out more.

B6 Ruled Notebook

Writing something by hand has been proven to help you remember things better. The sensory process of putting pen to paper helps you to recall the information that you are writing down, so if you think you’re likely to forget important notes, ditch the phone memo and consider getting yourself a Collins Edge Camo B6 Ruled Notebook.
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A5 Daily Planner Pad

Keep your goals bite-sized by breaking down your new year resolutions into daily tasks. This prevents your goals from overwhelming you and also creates clarity by removing unnecessary information. How about the Collins Edge Camo Daily Planner Pad A5, which allows you to focus on what’s important by giving you the choice of highlighting your priorities for the day? Click here to find out more.

Magnetic To Do List Pad

Is there anything more satisfying that ticking off all the tasks you have completed? Stay ahead of all pending tasks with Collins Edge Camo Magnetic To Do List Pad, which will improve pacing and prevent you from being overwhelmed by deadlines. Click here to find out more.

10 Cube Desk Organiser

It is important for your workspace to be neat and tidy to stay focused on the task at hand. Stay clutter-free with Collins 10 Cube Desk Organiser Yellow. This award-winning desktop organiser folds out to reveal built-in features like a wireless phone charger and other storage options to keep various items, such as business cards and stationery.
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