Chessie King: Her Journey To Body Acceptance

Self-proclaimed as ‘your best friend’ on her Instagram bio, we caught up with the social media star to find out the real reason behind her candid videos and her journey to body acceptance

What’s your daily routine?

“It changes every single day! In the morning, I’ll put some songs on and dance around my kitchen while making breakfast, which will be something really quick and easy. Then, I’ll normally go to a meeting, photo shoot or the office to work on my prints. I always try to make it back home for dinner, when my partner [Mat] and I will cook together.”

What’s on your plate today?

“For breakfast, it’s usually an omelette or a smoothie and then I’ll go for brunch at the weekends when I have time. I don’t eat meat, so a lot of my meals are now based around fish. My favourite lunch is salmon teriyaki with some broccoli; I just love food!”

How important is it for you to stay healthy while you’re on the go?

“Food is my energy, so I constantly need to give my body and mind the right nutrition. I don’t follow any diets or cut out any food groups for health reasons, I just eat what I want, when I want and that makes me feel good.”

You’re well-known for your incredibly candid videos on Instagram. How do you have the confidence to show so much of yourself to your followers?

“I started doing those videos because there was no one who I could relate to and I was fed up of how flawless everything looked on social media. I’m certainly not this perfect Instagram person; I’m naturally silly and ridiculous, and for my whole life, all I’ve wanted to do is to make people laugh and smile. I also want to give people the permission to celebrate their bodies and it’s great to know that those videos are helping people do that.”

Tell us about your journey to body acceptance?

“It’s been really difficult because I had a seven-year period of letting comments and remarks really get to me. I started to change my body for everyone else, so it’s taken me the past three years to become best friends with myself. Whenever I hear negative self-talk, I ask myself: would I speak to anyone else like that? My body is my home for the rest of my life and that’s why I eat healthily and look after myself, so I can be running around with my children and grandchildren when I’m 90!”

What have you learnt about the importance of self-care?

“Self-care is everything; it’s sleeping, eating, moving however you want to and also creating those boundaries to conserve some energy. I think it’s important to savour some of your battery life for yourself, otherwise you’ll burn yourself out.”

How do you find our cover star, Davina McCall inspiring?

“I adore her and I think that she’s a phenomenal human, mother and friend – I’m just in awe of her. My mum teaches her yoga and so it’s really nice to see both her and Davina – the two women who I find so inspiring – working together and just being incredible!”

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