Camilla Dallerup On Her Mindful Routine

I’m going to be honest, I didn’t really think I was one for routines; I thought I liked to go with the flow. That’s until a few weeks ago, when we lost our beloved 12-year-old dog, Sven; grief, sadness and emptiness hit me beyond belief. It was hard to concentrate on anything but the void within. But then I remembered all of the sessions I’d had with my clients and where they’d felt stuck, low and demotivated – the one thing I would always help them with to get them back on track, included eating healthily, exercising and nurturing both the body and the mind. Out goes the routine for most of us though, when we get, as I like to call it, punched in the stomach emotionally; we somehow let all the good stuff that is still in our lives slip away, too. Whether that be reaching for fast food, cutting out exercise or burning ourselves out from busyness, these factors will slowly be making ourselves feel even worse. I get it, trust me, nothing ever prepares us for the lows in life, whatever they are caused by – in my case grieving, but focusing on my routine has definitely helped me through. For me personally, I have been so grateful for my daily practice of meditation: we can sit with every emotion that is present in our minds and somehow feel supported and refocus our attention. As well as a mindful practice, I’ve continued with activities such as hiking – just getting out in nature has been an amazing healer, too. So, if you’re feeling in a funk, then please know that having a routine to turn to can support you in a positive way and if you don’t have one yet, you can create one and start scheduling in time for your wellness today.

Try this now: Cleanse yourself from negativity

Sometimes when we spend a lot of time with others, whether at work or at home, who are pessimistic or negative, it can be extremely draining. You might even have heard people like that being referred to as energy vampires. You know the sort, they’ll dump on you and after you’ve spent time with them you suddenly find yourself absolutely exhausted, however they usually feel fine. We’ve all been there and the hardest part, of course, is if you’re dealing with someone you can’t remove yourself from, like a colleague or a family member. So having a tool like this up your sleeve can really help: practicing this visualisation will allow you to reset and restore your own energy and let go of whatever you had picked up on from others.

1. Sit somewhere where you can take a few minutes to relax and close your eyes.

2. Imagine that you are standing under a waterfall of light that’s pouring down, over and through your body. As you keep focusing on the light, let go of any negativity, concerns or worries you may be holding in your body.

3. Stick with it for a few minutes and imagine the light becoming brighter.

4. Take a few deep breaths here while enjoying that feeling of restoring your body’s energy.

5. Then open your eyes and savour feeling refreshed.

What to read this month

Quantum Love by Laura Bernman Ph.D

This read is a perfect amalgamation of some of my favourite books all rolled into one. It touches upon all the important areas that need to be explored energetically to truly love yourself and manifest, or maintain, a happy relationship with yourself. The book starts by talking about how we are all energy and the evolution of human connection on an energetic level. I felt so many similarities in our teachings when I was reading Laura’s book. There’s so much goodness in these pages; I simply loved the way she explained the more spiritual concepts with such depth and logic. I feel this will help people answer a few questions that may have gone unanswered, as she dives into it all the things that can help us align ourselves and love ourselves, and our partners, from the law of attraction, energy fields and chakras and relationships. There is a section about the brain which reveals why we behave and think the way that we do, and how change is possible. I have no doubt that by the end of reading this book, you will know yourself a little better and it’s guaranteed to spark inspiration. It’s a relatively easy read, although brilliantly informative; it’s one of those books you would want to bring on a holiday and slowly digest the information during your break.

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