Blitz 200 Calories In Six Moves

How to do it:

Do 24 reps of the following six exercises without taking a single rest. Time how long it takes to complete this challenge and try to beat it next time.

  • Blitz 200 Calories In Six Moves Jump lunges
    Stand with your feet together and lunge forward with your right foot. Jump up into the air. Switch your legs mid-air (left leg forward; right leg back) and land back in the lunge position. Repeat.

  • Half burpees
    From standing, crouch down to place hands on the ground either side of your toes. Jump your feet back into a high plank. Jump feet back to a crouched position. Stand and repeat.

  • Blitz 200 Calories In Six Moves Bench hops
    Place your hands on a bench with feet to one side. Push off the ground with both legs to jump over the bench to the other side. Land on soft knees and repeat back in the opposite direction.

  • Butterfly kicks
    Lie on your back with your legs raised off the ground. Lift your left leg slightly higher. Lower your left leg and repeat with the move with your right leg. Continue alternating.

  • Blitz 200 Calories In Six Moves V sit ups
    Lie face-up with head, upper back and feet off the ground. Engage your core and crunch upwards while reaching your hands over your legs. Lower and repeat.

  • Push up
    Start in a high plank position. Engage your core and lower your chest towards the floor. Pause when your chest nearly touches the floor. Push back to plank and repeat.

Sarah Ivory