Beginners Arm Workout With Krissy Cela

Strengthen and tone your arms with this upper body workout specifically for beginners, created by Krissy Cela, founder of Tone & Sculpt. Each move targets different muscles in the arms and the added resistance will help build strong foundations for moves such as boxing and planks.

Rest 60 seconds between sets and two minutes between exercises.

Warm up

Jogging – five minutes

Workout – repeat three times

Dumbbell bicep curl – 1o reps

Dumbbell overhead tricep extension – 10 reps

Bench tricep Dip – 12 reps (use a chair if working out at home)

Push ups – 10 reps

Finisher: skipping – five minutes


The Tone & Sculp app is available from £13.99 at The App Store and on Google Play