Arm Workouts

Banish Bingo Wings

Work those triceps

PT Hollie Miles (, says: “The key to combating bingo wings starts with getting your triceps working. Try using a chair or box step to do tricep dips and commit to doing a short session of these every morning or evening. If you struggle to motivate yourself to do these at home, then try ‘Pure Pump’ at Pure Gym – a full-body resistance workout that includes a tricep track. Spinning is also good because, although this predominately targets the legs, holding onto the handle bars activates the triceps as well.”

Get scrubbing

Ensure your arms are kept healthy and well moisturised. Regular body brushing will help to remove dead skin and increase circulation. NIP+FAB’s Upper Arm Fix ( is also a celebrity favourite, as it claims to help tone and soften your upper arms.

Eat your good fats!

Making sure your diet includes certain key nutrients can go a long way towards targeting stubborn fat that can gather in the upper arms. Diana Green, nutritionist at Revival boot camp (, says: “A calcium-rich diet is associated with higher rates of fat oxidation and the acceleration of fat loss. Foods that contain dairy can help to convert fat stores into usable energy. Try to incorporate low-fat yogurts, cottage cheese, tofu, sardines and fortified non-dairy milks like soya, rice and oat into your diet. Foods with ‘good fats’, such as avocados are also great.”

Resistance is key

If you want to go one step further than push-ups, Scott Storey, personal trainer at the Reebok Sports Club (, says: “A great way to help tighten and firm your triceps is heavy loaded resistance training. Triceps respond well to stress, and a great exercise is the lying down, close-grip bench press. If you don’t have a barbell and weights, then the push-up is a secondary exercise to perform.”

Try it

1. Lie on a flat bench with your feet planted firmly on the ground. Lift the bar from the rack or pins with your arms shoulderwidth apart and your elbows only slightly flared out.
2. Lower the bar slowly to your chest and then press to lockout. Repeat eight times and then rest.
3. This exercise will also hit your shoulders and your chest to a degree. Try to do five sets and use a spotter or gym professional to help you if you feel unsure about setting up the exercise. Remember, safety and performance are the same thing.}

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