Amanda Byram On Preparing For Summer

As we head closer to holiday season, it’s the time of year when ridiculous headlines can bring us down with bikini-body woes. In my opinion, EVERY body is a bikini-body! Chasing perfection can lead to mental anxiety, stress and physical self loathing. So my go-to remedy is to look after myself inside and out, by treating my face to some TLC and boosting my wellbeing.

Find your happy place

The brilliant Fearne Cotton juggles life as a broadcaster, designer, mother and wife. It’s no surprise that, with such a busy life, she has delved deeper into the world of health and wellness. Her books include Happy, Quiet and Calm and a hugely successful podcast Happy Place. Look out for her latest venture, the inaugural Happy Place Festival, set to take place on 3rd-4th August and 6th-8th September. The events will be a celebration of wellness, mindfulness and health, with yoga classes, meditation spaces, breathing workshops, art therapy, live podcast episodes and talks from wellbeing experts. To join the Happy revolution, check out @FearneCotton on Instagram and Twitter for updates on how to get tickets.

Grab a facial

There’s nothing like a facial to nourish your skin, and the magical Simona is an expert. She’s worked with A-list faces for years, so her hands are steady and her knowledge of skin is second to none. Her bespoke facials are a musthave for spring. She uses a variety of natural products and her techniques include a hydra-facial that removes pollution and toxins from the skin, herbal O-Zone steam to soften the pores and an oxygen procedure with an infusion of omega fatty acids to create a protective layer on your skin and ensure a movie star glow. Simona’s own brand of oils combats premature ageing and creates a protective layer on the skin, defending it from pollution, sun damage, dust and the environment. Find out more at

Soothe your soul

Sometimes we’re so anxious about the future or worried about past that we don’t enjoy the present, and this can be extremely detrimental to our health. As the inventor Nikola Tesla once said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” He had a point, because music and vibration are scientifically shown to decrease stress and promote inner calm. Sound has the power to relax, soothe, inform, stimulate and transport us. One of the best ways to get to a peaceful place is by listening to music. It has been scientifically proven that Soul Medicine, which offers vibrational remedies through music, has a positive effect on the brain and central nervous system promoting relaxation, changing stress patterns, enhancing sleep, regulating immunity and improving focus and mental acuity. Music to my ears! Discover more about the benefits at

Try Chinese medicine

We’ve all heard the saying “You can’t judge a book by its cover” but, according to Chinese medicine, you can discover a lot about someone just by looking at their face. The Chinese believe that beauty is an external reflection of your internal health and Westerners are beginning to pay attention thanks to a traditional Chinese beauty treatment called Gua Sha. The Hayo’u Method incorporates Gua Sha, a simple press and stroke technique along the contours of the face, which can increase blood flow under the skin, boosting circulation by 400 percent and stimulating collagen production. Try this at night and you can be assured of a radiant complexion when you wake up. Visit for more.

Amanda Byram