7 Workouts For Leaner Legs

workouts for legs

Thigh High

“Squats are one of the most basic exercises for your legs,” says Carly. “The captain of all exercises! They work the major muscles groups of the butt, hips and thighs and gives the legs a solid workout, help engage the core and strengthen your limbs. Heavy squats help you burn a lot more calories as you expend more energy to perform the strong and powerful movement.”


Go for a raise

“If you want toned legs you need to target all parts of the lower body, and your calves are a muscle group you mustn’t forget,” Newson tells us. “The calf raise involves a basic up and down isolation movement that strengthens the calves improving tone and shape to the lower leg. Don’t just leave the gym after your last set of lunges, throw in some calf work for shape!”


Strong and Sexy

“The Sumo deadlift is a variation of the deadlift,” explains Newson. “Again, a powerful compound movement that leaves your legs feeling worked and ready for summer! This is a butt workout that recruits more of the muscles in the legs, rather than just the glutes and lower back from a regular deadlift movement. Building power and strength in the legs will leave you feeling confident and ready to strut your stuff.”


Plyo Power

“Plyometrics are an unbeatable tool to shape your legs,” says Carly. “Although an advanced type of training, it’s a great way to firm and tighten your lower body. Plyometrics involve rapid, explosive movements – like jumping or hurdling. It’s great for power, strength and helps contour the muscles of the legs, as well as blasting fat. Set yourself a couple of high intensity, plyometric sessions a week and you’ll be jumping your way to beautiful looking legs.”


Lunge In

“Lunges are a great way to get sexy, envious legs,” claims Carly. “Here are a few variations:

Forward lunges place more emphasis on the thigh muscle and a backward lunge on the glutes and quadriceps.

A curtsy lunge is a fab way to include a full activation of the glutes along with heavy dumbbell walking lunges that help lift the heart rate too. Although the lunge may not be as forceful as a squat or a deadlift, once you have learnt to lunge effectively, it’s one of the most successful exercises you can employ in your training.”


It’s all uphill

“Over time, walking or running uphill will help you burn fat and build muscle,” Carly informs us. “Uphill requires much more effort and engages your core, thighs, butt and calves. The more frequently you walk or run uphill the more strength you’ll build in these areas.

The steeper the incline, the better! Although walking or running uphill are cardiovascular exercises, the muscles work harder to climb and, in turn, will leave your legs feeling firm, yet slender.”


Building bridges

“A bridge is a great exercise that gets deep into the glute muscles! This then helps develop strong and powerful butt cheeks,” Carly tells us.

This is my go-to exercise; you can focus on engaging and activating the correct muscles with this move to leave you feeling a satisfying burn. A great way to get gorgeous legs, while increasing tone and definition.”

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