7 Ways To Stay Fit On Holiday

    Staying near a beach? You can burn more calories in less time. Running and walking on an uneven surface, such as sand, uses up roughly 1.6 times more calories per mile compared to tarmac. It’s also a perfect opportunity to give barefoot running a try (go easy if you’re completely new to the shoeless world though). Plus, it’s much more scenic than your average road run. Think about watching the sun rise or set over the ocean while you’re training with your friend or partner – bliss!

    While there’s a time and a place for laying on the beach drinking pina coladas, there’s only so much lounging you can do before all those creamy calories begin to take their toll. so, why not burn off a few while trying a new activity? from aqua aerobics and windsurfing, to wakeboarding, kayaking, tandem cycling, and horseriding – you can decide how adventurous you want to be. you never know, you could find a hidden talent!

    You’re out of your normal routine on holiday, so don’t try to doggedly stick to the same foods you eat back home. A healthy diet is a varied one, so enjoy local cuisine, but be smart about your food choices and you won’t arrive home carrying excess poundage. Staying somewhere tropical? Make the most of local fruit, like mango, guava and coconut, that haven’t clocked up more air miles than you. Relaxing in the Med? Enjoy fresh seafood, ideally grilled or steamed, and extra-tasty tomatoes, onions, peppers and local produce.

    There’s no need to use up suitcase space with fitness gear. These exercises by celeb PT and current UK and European fitness model champion Sian Toal ( can be done anywhere, kit-free! Aim for three sets of 20 reps of each of these moves with 60-90 seconds rest in between each round…

    • “Squat: This’ll work your thighs and butt. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, keep your stomach in, chest up, and bend your knees – keeping them in line with your toes – as though you’re sitting back in a chair.
    • “Lunge: Stand with your feet parallel, then step back with your heel lifted. Bend both knees to a 90-degree angle. Keep your abs engaged and chest lifted.
    • “High step-ups: Use a chair, low wall or 2-3 stairs, and step up and down on the same leg, engaging your butt to lift up. As you breathe out to step up, pull your core in.”
    There’s nothing like getting into a great read while you’re on holiday, but mix up your static time with bouts of activity if you don’t want to lose your fitness. And, you don’t have to leave the beach – hotels often have things like table tennis, snorkelling and volleyball equipment to hire for free. Or, there are always the old classics, like frisbee plus bat and ball to have a laugh with.

    Of course, doing lengths in your hotel’s pool is a good way to keep your fitness up while on your hols, but hit the waves for an extra workout challenge. as with beach running, swimming in the sea delivers a far superior workout compared to pool sessions as your body has to react to the push and pull of the waves. safety first, though: always swim along the shoreline rather than out to the horizon and back, tell someone where you’re going and how long you plan to be (ideally have someone swim with you), and always follow lifeguard guidelines.

    If at all possible, pass on the cattle class tourist busses, and instead get yourself a good guide book and see the sights on your own steam. Walking, cycling and running are all much better ways to get a feel for a place than from a bus window. As well as specific walking and cycling holidays, a quick internet search will direct you to companies offering running tours of famous cities, like Barcelona, New York and Paris.


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