5 Worries Every Girl Has Before An Overdue Workout

Did one missed gym session lead to an exercise-free week, which then snowballed into a month… or two… maybe three? We’ve all been there and have experienced that feeling of dread when we finally pluck up the courage to lace up and get sweaty. Unfortunately we can’t make that feeling go away, but we can help you own it!

  • 1 “What if a PT outs me in front of everyone?”
    A greeting of ‘hello, stranger’ may feel like the worst thing in the world but if he’s keeping tabs on how often you visit the gym he’s probably into you… just saying!

  • 2 “What if I can’t remember how to use the equipment?”
    Treadmills haven’t undergone any complex design overhauls of late so we’re pretty sure you’ll be just fine.

  • 3 “Or worse… my key card and fob doesn’t work”
    If you’re been paying your monthly membership this should not be an issue. If it is, gives you an excuse to talk to one of the hot PTs.

  • 4 “I want advice on my training plan. I’m not ready to admit to being a slob for the past three months”
    Yeah, you may have binged watched all four series of Orange Is The New Black on Netflix instead of hitting the cross trainer but you’re here now – that’s all that matters. But if you’re that bothered, there are other forms of exercise outside of the gym. You could have been going for daily jogs during your lunch break… you haven’t, but you could have.

  • 5 “What if everyone stares at me?”
    They’re probably checking out your brand new athleisure gear, durrh!