5 Tips To Snack Healthily This Winter

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When we entered lockdown earlier this year, it wasn’t the only radical lifestyle shift we experienced. Following months spent inside, our eating habits have drastically changed, as people raided kitchen cupboards and overindulged in sugary and salty snacks.

According to research conducted by leading healthy snack brand graze, the nation experienced a snacking crisis with eight out of 10 Brits admitting to snacking up to six times a day throughout the lockdown starting in March this year.

The last few months have caused drastic changes not only to our behaviours, but also our waistlines. Over half of Brits admits they’ve gained weight, due in part to excessive snacking on unhealthy treats and lack of physical exercise.

With the UK overindulging in crisps, biscuits and chocolate earlier this year, graze is working with leading nutritionist Rob Hobson to help the nation make better snack choices ahead of further lockdown restrictions.

A Registered Nutritionist Says:

“It’s no surprise that lockdown has turned our lives upside down. For some that means adjusting to life online.

“For others, it means trying to juggle family life at home while holding down busy jobs. It’s okay if things aren’t perfect right now, but it’s important to look after ourselves and adequately nourish our bodies with wholesome foods and a balanced lifestyle.”

Snacking Isn’t A Bad Thing

“A healthy diet is all about balance and choosing to eat a wide variety of foods from different food groups. Understanding your hunger and fullness means you won’t end up getting ravenously hungry and devouring the whole kitchen – and healthy snacks are an important part of this equation.”

Watch Out For Hidden Sugars

“Snacks that contain a healthy mix of fats, protein and good carbohydrates will help you feel sustained for longer than chocolate bars that can result in a sugar crash.

“Graze’s Protein Oat Bites are a fantastic option, as they have 45 percent less sugar than your average cereal bar, are fibre-rich and contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.”

Focus On Quality Calories

“Avoid snacks with empty calories by choosing options that are wholesome, delicious and have a nutritional benefit. Graze’s Crunch range makes for a smart swap for crisps by mixing a medley of crunchy veg that’s high in fibre.”

Take Mindful Breaks

“I like to encourage clients to always make time during the day for a little self-care. When trying to balance working from home, alongside family life, it can be hard to find a moment for oneself to decompress during a busy day.

“Ensure that you give yourself ten minutes away from screens or use ‘me time’ an opportunity to have a healthy, nourishing snack with an afternoon cuppa.”

Structure Your Day

“Structure the day so you have three main meals alongside mindful and nourishing snacks. Pre-portioned snacks, like nuts or pulses, are also a great way to enjoy a healthy snack without worrying about calories.”