AB Workouts

5-Minutes To Work Your Core

    • Med ball slam

      1. Begin standing holding a 5-10kg medicine ball in both hands just in front of your chest, hips and knees slightly bent.
      2. Inhale, take the ball straight up and slightly behind your head, while straightening your legs and coming onto tip toes.
      3. Exhale, quickly bringing the ball down, slamming it into the floor, bending your hips as you do so and to generate force from the abs. Quickly retrieve the ball and repeat.

    • Max effort plank

      Lie down on your stomach and support your upper body with your elbows. Squeeze your shoulders away from your ears and pulling your upper arms tight to your ribs. Squeeze your butt and thighs as hard as possible, and come up into a plank.
      Try to contract everything a little harder and focus on breathing in and out through pursed lips.
      Hold this for 8- 10secs, rest for 5 seconds then repeat.

Kristoph Thompson