3 Weightloss Tips Davina McCall Swears By

When it comes to fitness and diet secrets, when Davina McCall talks, we listen. With rippling abs and an unwavering attitude, the TV presenter has become the face of post-forty fitness thanks to her sell-out DVDs and zero sugar cookbooks. We sat down with Davina on the the set of our cover shoot to find out what her top 3 fitness tips are…

  • Have A Plan If people have something to follow it’s motivational. The hard thing is starting so Ed and I really wanted to start people’s journey

  • Schedule Downtime I have a bath every night and everyone in the house knows that’s mum’s time. When Matthew’s being amazing – and that’s not all the time, I know he’s really handsome but he has his moments – he’ll run me a bath. I’ve discovered Epsom salts and they are amazing – not enough people know about them but they’re magic.

  • Remember To Refuel I don’t really snack after a workout but I’m trying to up my protein intake. A lot of protein bars have refined sugar in them so I’m looking into developing some protein bars with healthy ingredients. I always eat meat or fish in one of my meals every day and I have a lot of halloumi in a wrap with salad.

To read the full interview, pick up the February issue of Your Fitness with Davina McCall, on sale December 30th