19 Thoughts Everyone Has Before Going For A Run

1 I went two days ago so I don’t really need the exercise

2 And I did walk to the corner shop at lunch

3 Where I bought a chocolate bar

4 oh, and it was king size

5 Plus I sat down at my desk for eight hours

6 Oh gosh I’m a monster, I have to go for a run

7 But I’m so tired

8 Now I’m feeling a bit of a headache coming on…

9 Everyone knows you shouldn’t run if you’re unwell

10 But it is supposed to make you feel better… what would my doctor say

11 I can’t argue with my doctor

12 I’ve never felt bad after a run

13 But I’ve never run with a headache before

14 You know what’s good for a headache… a big bowl of carbonara

15 Maybe I should go for a run then I’ll feel like I’ve earned it

16 One, two, three

17 But if this makes my headache worse I won’t be able to go tomorrow

18 This could put me out for the week and I’ve got a presentation at work in a few days time. I’ve got to be feeling my best

19 It’s not worth the risk tonight, but I’ll definitely go tomorrow!

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